The Bespoked Constructors Challenge.

It’s not long now until the inaugural Constructors challenge at the Bespoked  Handbuilt bicycle show. It kicks off on the 17th of April 2015 at the Arnofini gallery in Bristol.

Following in our tradition of working with local Bristol businesses, we are working with Artisan baker Mark of Marks Bread in Bristol to further improve their bread delivery system and it is this bread delivery bicycle that will be our entry in the Constructors challenge. . 

For the last few years Mark has been using a Dutch built American designed bicycle for the shops deliveries, In combination with a bicycle trailer his team cycle thier produce to customers around Bristol. Marks new Rodford Built Baker bike will make his deliveries quicker and provide him with more cargo space so he can deliver more efficiently his handmade breads and pastries.

Delivering goods by bike reduces congestion, does not pollute the air, can be cost effective, quicker and a happier way to deliver things in a busy city.  

Marks cares about his bread, it is great to work with him to make a bicycle to help his business.

This bicycle will be a variant of our production Boxbike, available in May. 




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