A Birth, Some Labour.

We have begun building the spine of our ‘Marks bread’ delivery bike.

This cargobike is born out of our family bike project and conceived after a stiff talking too by Phil, the creator of Bristols great Handbuilt bicycle show. The constructors challenge “has your name written all over it” he said, he was right of course but we weren’t quite ready. 

It didn’t take long for us to rise to the challenge, we picked up the phone and spoke to long time delivery bike user ‘Marks bread’ from Bristol’s southville.  Mark was enthusiastic as ever about his bike delivery service, knowing that it has benefits for his business, his customers and the environment generally and after careful deliberation, he agreed to work alongside us to design and build a new delivery bike for his business.

.This bike is a variation of our family Cargobike that will be available in the summer.

Its a challenge for sure, but we are enjoying it, physical work has begun on the frame and we look forward to showing you the fruit of our labours at the Arnofini in.April.      



Rob & Steve


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