The quiet before the storm!

So shows have come and gone, some deadlines too…

Steve and i are regrouping after the bespoke show, family commitments, illness and ongoing time consuming tweaking but the design of our production boxbike is coming along.  

We are trying to balance a purchase price with a quality frame and components, trying to reduce costs so that everything gets the handbuilt touch but with a every-person availability.

It’s tough but we are getting close to a design that we can make in small numbers at an ‘affordable’ price. (all relative i know). That’s our aim…you have to aim high! We want a British cargobike that can do the job, made here, ridden here and making your life better. cargobikes can do that…just wait and see..  

While you wait.for a next update….it won’t be long……just enjoy the sun.

Rob and Steve


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