Green Capital Champions and Laser Blasters.

Blimey, it’s September…Dark nights are drawing in, the workshop is getting nippy and our cargobike is inching nearer to its first production run.

This week in Rodford world we have a good customer of ours Mark Newman of Marks bread in Southville talking at tomorrows ‘Go Green Travel breakfast’ hosted by  He will be sharing how his determination to use a bicycle has overcome hickups of rider insurance, storage and limited carry capacity to become a vital business tool to beat the citys traffic, providing a consistant way to reliably deliver his wholesale baked goods around town.  His bespoke bread delivery bike  made by Rodford Built has given him the vehicle to achieve that. Our first delivered customer machine has been a game changer for his business. We are really pleased to work with such good people and be part of the growth of a better city. 

   We have another order for a Rodford bread delivery bike, this time from Bath. He needed a transport solution quickly, so to give some time we supplied a Carry freedom trailer to him to enable him to function without his van whilst his bike is being built. Its taking time,  we are tweeking the bike design to reflect his own carrying requirements, it seems that there is no one way to carry bread. 

With production in mind we are having talks with a local laser cutter this week to talk about assisting with cutting and shaping aspects of the frame. Steve and i are both passionate about building the bike as locally as possible, why else would we call our brand ‘Rodford Built’ so we hope that we can convince this Yate based business to work in the numbers we need to get started. we are also passionate about getting the price point as affordable as we can. Cash is always an issue and building bikes is not cheap, we hope that by using local businesses and being clever with design we can bring people powered urban mobility to more people than ever.

So it’s great news for Marks Bread to be invited by Go green to talk about their journey to deliver by bike. Its exciting that we have another bread delivery bike to build, frustrating that it’s taking so long to pull all the little facets together. We hope the yate based Laser guys can help make the 17 parts (and counting) we need to help us built the first production run (and at a good cost) . We will keep you posted…until then, just enjoy the ride..     


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