3D Prototyping and The Workshop Blues.

making 20 inch disc forks has proved a wonderful, sometimes perplexing journey…along the way we played with 3d printing for prototyping which was fun and invaluable. We now have the steel parts milled ready for building our first batch of forks……although the development never stops but there comes a time when you have to commit just to get the bike built. It’s currently a four year old dream that been becoming a reality in the last two years, we started designing the ‘Sherpa’ boxbike in late 2014, winning a runner up award at the 2015 Bespoke handbuilt bicycle show with a bread delivery bike commissioned by Marks Bread. A bike that has been faithfully delivering Bread to Bristols finer eateries ever since. The production version is nearly there…nearly……(and a city bike…and a longtail…and more) 

Another factor in our journey is our new workshop, which we were supposed to move into today, looks like that milestone has slipped again… hopefully later this week…its a wonderful voyage of discovery we are on….we are excited about the next year. Like a swan, there is lots of activity under the water, that should soon be translated into forward motion.

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