The future is bright..

The future is Rodford Built


The little details are coming along, bashed and machined, this is a sneek preview of our headbadge which will adorn our polished and complete production machines. We think it a good start and symbolic of the difference these machines can make to our urban landscapes if enough good folk see the practical and financial benefits of transport cycles to their lives and businesses.         

We took control of our new workshop this week, it still has no electric, the floor is not painted and it looks a little bare of machinery but is a nice big space and we are itching to get in.. We are still building in our old workshop for the time being but it not ideal. Whilst our boxbike builds are diaried in, we are working on our little city bike, This will form the basis of our friendly city runabout, our factory transport bike and some aspects of the design will also be used in our longtail child carrying bicycle.

Christmas is coming, have a good one and we hope to have some more news and maybe even pictures of the bicycles that you can buy…not in time for this christmas, but perhaps you have a birthday coming up..we will soon be taking pre-orders. (well more pre orders..thanks Nigel.  .Rodford 0010 has your name on it..)

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    1. Thanks Martin..our good work is a bit slow but we hope to bring you some more good things in time for the bespoke show in April. Thanks for your encouragement.

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