A case for the transport bike

Many bikes sold in the U.K are tailored towards sport and leisure riding. There’s nowt wrong with that and if you enjoy fast road cycling or getting proper muddy up in the hills, then you should carry on; good on you for getting out there.

However here at Rodford we think there is a case for owning a transport bike too. A bike that is low on maintenance and high on comfort. A bike you can ride in your city civvies without getting muddy and wet. A bike that has built in lighting, easy gearing and the ability to carry cargo are all things that a convenient urban bike should have as desirable in a standard spec.

That’s why all Rodford bikes are designed to be comfortable, reliable and convenient. They are all designed to be fitted with guards, racks and lights so that you don’t have to worry about accessorising and you won’t need to own masses of cycle clothing to look great when you’re out about town. With a Rodford you can arrive in style and not in a sweat, ready to start the day’s work or do the shopping run.

Titfer optional, style not optional…

Simple, transport bikes from Rodford.

Comfortable bikes for transport................. (dog carrying options are in our design brief)
Comfortable bikes for transport…………….. (dog carrying options are in our design brief)