Rodford Built ‘Moor beer’ Beer bike

We wanted to build something a bit eye catching for Bespoke 2016…beer bikes have always held a special place in our hearts, they just look pretty cool as as a way of showing what can be carried by bike..well it’s a bit out there isn’t it but what a great combo….. The resident beer for the handbuilt show bar was supplied by local brewer Moor beer. We chatted, went to see them and had a look around the brewery…took some branding stuff away and worked on the theme for the show bike.

Black and red were the stand out colours from Moor Beers logo so we went with that, although we are an English company and love the English colours and style for our bikes, we just had to go American hotrods for this one and make our bike feel like it was a moonshine runner, a middle of the night muscle bike that would look like it would outrun the feds. So we ended up with this…the bootlegger….we like it, it works well, Moor beer like it, the judges liked it…so all good,

We can built a customised bike for your business too, a great way to promote your business whilst making local deliveries more efficient (sometimes). just drop us a line and we can chat and see what we can build for you.


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