The Husky from RODFORD

It’s time we introduced the Rodford long tail bike – the Husky.
This is the first fully working prototype of our design following months of trialling different aspects and the conclusion of various safety tests. The bike is now on loan to a family in North Bristol where they will be using it for shopping errands, days out, commuting and local family transport trips.

The bike is long enough to accommodate 2 children on the back, or four panniers. Additional load carrying can be added to the front end in the form of a basket or porter rack (see for a complete range of accessories).

Husky’s are available with a choice of hub or dérailleur gears and in a choice of colours. Despite the extra length of the frame, the bike is designed to be easy to ride, handle and store.

One of the most important features of the Husky is the low step through frame which enables the rider to have children on board and still get on the bike easily. This aspect is missing from some long tail models on the market, it is significantly difficult to engineer without excessive weight. The 24″ rear wheel gives a low but accessible rear deck height and the.riding position is comfortable for adults of many sizes.

Available for pre-order today. Please register your interest with us or call to discuss.

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