Introducing Little John (one of our band of merry men)

This is our latest acquisition. The Raglan “Little John” metal working Lathe.
This model is the MKII and features a screw cutting gearbox and power cross feed.

Built some time in the 1940’s the Little John’s were notable for being at the top end of the hobby sized machines in terms of capacity and ability. The chuck centre height is 5.125″ above the bed and the headstock spindle has a through hole of just over 1″. Spindle speeds are controlled by a clever variable drive assembly which gives open speeds of 290rpm to 1750rpm.
There is a power cross and saddle feed plus an all important back gear for large diameter and thread cutting work.

We’re slowly improving the machine, cleaning and oiling parts, adding to the selection of accessories. We’ve fitted a modern NVR switch and a lamp.

The Rodford Raglan Little John MKII
The Rodford Raglan Little John MKII

Of course being old, it has imperial feedscrews which take some getting used to, but it’s a very capable machine, with many uses and will open up possibilities for our prototyping work.

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