Bath Uni Student Miles, Boxes clever.

As well as locally souring materials and labour for our bikes, we have recently been working with a local University on some box designs for our 600 series box bike. The brief was to look at the aspect of carrying children safely and to maximise storage with passengers on board. Also to consider materials, weight, manufacturing costs and production techniques to design a box that is both functional and affordable.

Pictured below is a box developed by Master’s student Miles Ingram. Miles produced an Aluminium frame with wooden panels and devised some specific innovations to reduce rattles and increase comfort. He also included lockable storage and a rain cover, requirements which were highlighted by his market research to be desirable.

It’s always good to have a fresh pair of eyes look at a ‘challenge’, Miles has come up with some fresh ideas and certainly confirmed to us that a good versatile cargo box is a desirable thing but difficult to achieve. Miles design is innovative and will help develop our box designs for the future. for sure.    

We look forward to more collaborations with academic institutions in the future. In the meantime good luck to Miles with his future career.

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