Fresh from The Oven

This week we serviced two of our E-box bikes which run regular trips between Bradford-on-Avon and Bath. These stalwart workhorses pull a cargo of delicious bread rolls and artisan loaves from “The Oven“‘s kitchens into Bath market where they are sold.
The bikes are working hard, but working well. These two builds are fitted with the Shimano STEPs 6000 system with integrated 8 speed Di2 electronic shift. The lightweight weatherproof cargo box is ideal to keep the bread in top condition, The ergonomics of the riding position are adaptable ensuring that its a good fit for both male and female riders. The flexible lids on the boxes mean that if you need to over fill the box you can, you can sell at the market using the box top as a table and still gain access from a corner and it’s lightweight. Lids are available but this flexi top is a great way to keep it simple.