DoT asks for evidence for last mile deliveries by low emission vehicles.

In recent years the Department for Transport has taken steps towards encouraging
sustainable last mile delivery, including through the Road to Zero strategy, the Clean
Air Fund, the creation of one of the most comprehensive global programmes of
support for ultra low emission vehicles and through the £246 million Faraday Battery
Now they are seeking your thoughts, experience, evidence and expertise on how they
can harness new opportunities for greener delivery in the commercial and residential
parts of our cities and towns.


The purpose of there review is thus for them to learn from as wide a range of
stakeholders as possible as to the scale of the opportunity. They want the UK to
explore all modes of e-cargo and emerging transport technologies for last mile
deliveries, so they can help create beautiful, liveable, green and connected towns and
cities.  (Hurrah)

E-cargobikes, micro vehicles and ultra low emission fleet operators are asked to comment and answer a few questions on their experiences…

for help with your E-cargobike fleet, we can ask you a few more questions and definitely help you get up and running.


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