2018, a little progress report…

I feel i should write an update on our progress in bring our cargobikes to market. 2018 has been a challenging year for several reasons. Early 2018 we decided to refocus our designed to be focused on E-assist, taking that into account we redesigned our boxbike to make it easier to manufacture, make the load bay more efficient and to make the distance from seat post to headstock/mast about 20mm shorter, some smaller changes too. This redesign took time and ‘resources’ and was slower than we would have liked. Our pace of redesign was actually quicker than the supply of EOM equipment, our latest batch of Ebike motors etc has taken 3 months longer to appear than was planned but we now have a small amount on the floor here. Previously we have pre-sold every motor we obtained, so its nice to have a few available on the shop for customers and demo bikes.We are also working with other motor manufactures to ensure a constant availability of power plant, and also improve the product and the appeal of our bikes. So lots of discussions with manufacturers, lots of to-ing and fro-ing and quite a few one step forward two steps back scenarios. We are a small innovative business, we are way down on the pecking order for our suppliers but we have been well supported verbally at least by the biggest players in the industry (inc car industry) and we thank them for that. We have one ore two people that kindly help with investment but we only move forward though determination and selling the product. We know that one fine fellow verbally ordered a bike several years ago (you know who you are) and its good to be at a stage to be able to offer that bike and to be assured that it will serve him well should he still have a use for one.
Its very fluid out there, since we speced our boxbike, our motor supplier has changed the mounting design, the hub gear supplier has redesigned causing shortages, the world of cargobikes and Ebikes in general is changing every month..and we are keeping up.. and the product now is benefiting from the individual improvements, for example that rear hub we fit as standard is now capable as officially handling 80Nm of continuous torque, that’s a good thing when building a bike that will take a lot of abuse..without necessarily getting a lot of looking after.

So there we are…we are now taking framesets to the powder coaters every two weeks, we have a few motors kits still available, more to come in February. and of course our pedal versions too. The dart is a hoot, potentially a great commuter cargobike. the Javelin is a great platform for deliveries or for carrying the kids. we are still working on kid accessories, but we will keep it simple, perhaps try to be a little clever to give the Bakfiets of this world a run for their money.
so that’s a small update from us..thanks for your support so far, it means a great deal.
so come see us, in a few weeks time you will be able to ride all of our demo bikes.have a cup of tea…… its cold in the workshop, but rest assured the welcome will be warm.
Rob and Steve

Update 10/01/19

the motors that we had arrive 6 months after we ordered them, were recalled a week after they arrived…a software issue….so we had to send them back…we managed to get some replacements (Thanks Francis at Madison) but these only arrived late Dec. another hickup. but on the upside, the holidays are over, kids back at school, its cold out there but we are spending more days in the workshop. Will have a progress report for you soon.

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