Electric & Cargo Bikes. Bristol.

Today we met with a fine gentleman, Mr Trevor George from Bristol.

Trevor is very active on the cycling scene (and busking scene actually) and is a great ambassador for transport cycling / cargo bikes. He came to see us because we build bikes using motors from Shimano, have experience of Impulse motors and are qualified to work with the bosch motor systems. The fact that we also work with after market bottom bracket motors makes us unique in the cargobike manufacturing world.

Trevor is an owner of an original Donky Bike from 2008. He bought it from the East bristol bakery where it was used as a bread delivery bike. Trevor brought his Donky with him and it was good to see it again (Really Useful Bikes supplied it originally) and all very interesting to put it nose-to-nose with our own compact utility bike the Big Billy. Both bikes were fitted with electric assist motors. Our own Billy bike using the Shimano 6000 mid drive and Trevor had fitted an aftermarket cyclotricity front hub motor to his Donky. Comparable rides followed while we mused about the benefits of each system.

Donky and Big Billy

We are working on a few preorders for the big billy right now, and will soon be building frames for stock to shorten the lead time for prospective buyers. So if you are interested in a small utility bike with or without electric assist, please get in touch. We hope to have one or two Big Billys at the handbuilt bicycle show in Bristol in early May, possibly even some news on a crowdfunder…….

In the meantime, to find out more about cycling for transport, with families and for all sorts of advice and opinions on electric and cargo bikes, visit Trevor’s Electric and Cargo Bike Facebook page.

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