John’s Long John

This week we met with John and his custom built Long John. John is one of those creative types, an inventor, a thinker and we applaud his attitude to improve things and make homegrown upgrades in his home workshop.

As a youngster John grew up in Holland where Long John Cargo bikes were common place, but here in England storage of such a large bike can be a problem. So John’s Long John folds…. not once….. but twice. The cargo basket can be unclipped and hinged to sit vertical, and then the whole bike can be hinged about the steerer tube to halve its length. Quite clever.

On top of that the bike has brake upgrades and a Bafang bottom bracket electric motor. It’s quite a thing.

A folding Long John

Another thing worthy of note is the twin spar chassis which is vertically stacked and extends right to the back axle.

There’s further scope for development and John is interested to know about stress concentrations in the frame, the steering geometry and further developments to the hinge locking mechanism. He is also looking for a build partner to move the product to the next phase, so if you’re interested then let us know and we can put you in touch with him.

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