Bespoked, The Handbuilt Bicycle Show 2019.

As in previous years, 2019’s Bespoked Handbuilt Bicycle show was another masterclass in the finest craftsmanship. The standard of frame building was staggering and with high end components and mirror-like paint finishes applied liberally, you’ll not see finer bicycles anywhere in the world.

If you attended, hopefully you also saw the Rodford Built stand which stood proudly against a rather drab back wall displaying some of our utilitarian gems and offering the show goers something a little different.

NB, next time we will work on our backdrop . this year it was all about the bikes.

One of our bikes was an imposing Beer bike commissioned by Bristol brewers Butcombe beer co. It was mounted on our long cargo bike chassis and was designed as a working bar rather than a delivery bike. The presence of the bike was only eclipsed by the quality of the beer, which was drunk with enthusiasm and was commended by all.

Also on the Rodford stand we unveiled the “Big Billy” urban bike. Finished in stealth black the bike was a demonstration of how a small chassis can be used to carry a child (or two) plus luggage and supplied as “electric ready” ie, its designed for an add on mid motor for when/if the legs can’t cope. the hills get hillier or kids get older/heavier.

(Our big billy theme was ‘Stealth’ and refers to the UK school run and how undervalued and indeed how hidden from government statistics and or schools as a simple and legitimate way of solving a lot of the local emissions, congestion, fitness and concentration issues in and around our schools. Rob wrote an attempt at a poetic rant to get folk to think about why this group of riders is ignored from subsidies, statistics and local government recognition)

Our mission was to use Bespoked to gauge interest in this frame design to see if a production run might be viable. It was encouraging that there was a bit of a buzz about this hard working little bike and after picking up two awards we felt there was enough interest to move to the next phase. So when we catch our breath. we’ll be up-scaling Billy production, follow our social media for the latest and come a try the show bike to see if you like it.

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