RodfordBuilt is a Bristol based business building Transport bikes, (some say ‘Cargobikes’), at its core are Rob Bushill and Steve Bodiley, a fusion of minds, fuelled by tea, biscuits and a love of old/new world transport. They come from a background of selling, riding and modifying the best two wheeled cargobikes in the world, sidecar construction, computer hardware design and global telecoms.

Since 2011, when Rodford exhibited the first Cargobike at the UK Handmade Bicycle show, RodfordBuilt have experimented with designs, honed their craft and discovered other skilled craftspeople in Britain with which to collaborate.


2006 – Rob began to sell Xtracycles, Yuba and Bakfiets.NL cargobikes via Really Useful Bikes and in-conjunction with Mark Forster, importer of xtracycle and Yuba.

2011 – Rob built his first bikes and exhibited at The UK handbuilt Bicycle show in Bristol.

(Commendation 2011 UK handbuilt bicycle show)

2011 – around this time Steve, amongst other things developed and manufactured the Rattlebone BMX sidecar, with SN designs which sold internationally.

2013 – Steve and Rob met over a discussion about urban cycle helmets in the RUB store. Minds were alike, skill sets complimentary.

2014 – RodfordBuilt began offically

2014 – Steve and Rob began to work on a design for a boxbike (long john) cargobike assisted by a extra long jig made as a special favour from COFA engineering.

2015 – Developed a Bread Delivery Bike for Marks Bread of Southville, entered it into the constructors challenge at The UK Handbuilt bicycle show 2015 and was pipped to the top spot by Velopresso.  also moved into new workshop premises.

(2nd prize at the 2015 UK Handbuilt Bicycle Show, Constructors Challenge)

2016 – worked on designs for various transport cycles, investigated production processes and designed tools and methods to ensure that bicycles were manufacturerable in the UK, Many prototypes made. Supplied several customer one offs, including a beer delivery bike for Bristols Moor Beer and a custom version of our Flyer city bike. Exhibited at the UK Handbuilt bicycle show and won the Urban Cyclist Award for our Bootlegger delivery bike.

(Winner of the Urban Cyclist Award at the 2016 UK Handbuilt Bicycle Show)

2017 – we have several food delivery companies riding around on our electric delivery bikes, a few Artisan Bakeries using our delivery bikes to speed up their rounds. A busy year with our range of transport cycles becoming available.  Not running before we can walk. the planets are aligning…

2018 – New models coming, new motors coming.