Bespoked, The Handbuilt Bicycle Show 2019.

As in previous years, 2019’s Bespoked Handbuilt Bicycle show was another masterclass in the finest craftsmanship. The standard of frame building was staggering and with high end components and mirror-like paint finishes applied liberally, you’ll not see finer bicycles anywhere in the world. If you attended, hopefully you also saw the Rodford Built stand which […]

Eeee. Fork Failure

We think E-bikes are a good thing. Seen as “cheating” by some, they encourage people to ride for transport rather than sport and enable the non-elite to enjoy all the pleasure that cycling can bring. Converting a standard bike to an E-bike is most easily done with a front hub motor conversion. These motors can […]

John’s Long John

This week we met with John and his custom built Long John. John is one of those creative types, an inventor, a thinker and we applaud his attitude to improve things and make homegrown upgrades in his home workshop. As a youngster John grew up in Holland where Long John Cargo bikes were common place, […]

Electric & Cargo Bikes. Bristol.

Today we met with a fine gentleman, Mr Trevor George from Bristol. Trevor is very active on the cycling scene (and busking scene actually) and is a great ambassador for transport cycling / cargo bikes. He came to see us because we build bikes using motors from Shimano, have experience of Impulse motors and are […]

Porteur and Postie racks

Front racks come in all sorts of different designs but they can be categorised into either fork mounted or frame mounted. A front cargo rack is a great thing. It helps distribute weight more evenly between the wheels, it allows you to keep an eye on your cargo and it allows access to the cargo […]

More Talk of Torque

Following our recent look into electric motor torque we thought it might be useful to put some numbers into the situation so we can better understand the significance or otherwise of these torque numbers and to also compare this torque to the rider’s input and other comparable numbers. For a worked example let’s take an […]

What about Watts?

Some comments from our last post regarding torque has raised questions about watts; in particular what is a Watt and how does it relate to torque? Also if torque is so important why does everyone talk about power (watts or horse power) when talking of performance? Well let’s see………….. Power and torque are related and […]

Fully Charged meets Fully Charged

We’re regular viewers of Robert Llewellyn’s “Fully Charged” YouTube show, but the latest episode is particularly interesting because it looks at some electric bikes. Robert introduces Ben Jaconelli’s all electric bike shop and looks at the many bikes on offer. Of particular interest are the cargo range which are mostly Reise&Muller, but there’s also a […]

Urban Shift

Today we dropped into the local university to see Charlie Camsell’s presentation of his Cargo Bike concept. As Charlie describes…………… “This is Urban Shift: an electrically assisted cargo bicycle tailored to rival the family car on short term trips such as school, work and shopping. Capable of holding up to 3 child passengers (seat in […]