Fatigue failure of a material is always a concern to design engineers because it is difficult to calculate for a given part and therefore presents an unknown risk in the final product. Factors that affect fatigue strength include the material, shape of the part, any defects, corrosion, heat treatment and loading. Fatigue is defined as […]

Drum Brakes! Really?

Bicycle brake systems can be disc, drum, roller or rim. There are hydraulic and cable versions too. Rodford bikes are often fitted with drum brakes and people have questioned their suitability. Here we set out to describe the benefits and drawbacks of some of the available systems and the considerations you should make when choosing […]

Stress in the Workshop

Building a safe bike is our top priority. Some things are straightforward such as fitting efficient brakes and choosing good tyres. However, being sure a frame and fork design is strong enough to survive a lifetime of hauling cargo, takes a little more thought. With this in mind; we’ve used some computer wizardry to measure […]