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Grants for cargobikes that mean business

For those of you that run a business in Bristol and are thinking about running a cargobike to enhance your efficiency or expand the scope of your services

you may be able to get matched funding from Bristol city council.

We have a few customers taking advantage of this service to get started with the purchase of a cargobike…sometimes it’s that little encouragement and help you need to be a pioneer. It’s not always easy to take a more unconventional route to increased productivity.

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DoT asks for evidence for last mile deliveries by low emission vehicles.

In recent years the Department for Transport has taken steps towards encouraging
sustainable last mile delivery, including through the Road to Zero strategy, the Clean
Air Fund, the creation of one of the most comprehensive global programmes of
support for ultra low emission vehicles and through the £246 million Faraday Battery
Now they are seeking your thoughts, experience, evidence and expertise on how they
can harness new opportunities for greener delivery in the commercial and residential
parts of our cities and towns.


The purpose of there review is thus for them to learn from as wide a range of
stakeholders as possible as to the scale of the opportunity. They want the UK to
explore all modes of e-cargo and emerging transport technologies for last mile
deliveries, so they can help create beautiful, liveable, green and connected towns and
cities.  (Hurrah)

E-cargobikes, micro vehicles and ultra low emission fleet operators are asked to comment and answer a few questions on their experiences…

for help with your E-cargobike fleet, we can ask you a few more questions and definitely help you get up and running.


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A Speedy Delivery

We previewed this bike via our social media account a few weeks back but are sharing it here to add some details and explain the thoughts behind our design. We also need feedback from our readers and……. erm …….. also a name for it!

Anyway – This then, is a small, light, urban errand bike based on a single horizontal frame spar and sitting on 20″ wheels. The bottom bracket housing is designed for both electric crank drive or pedal power fitments.
It’s been designed as inner city transport and we anticipate that the bike would be fitted with crates or luggage platforms front and rear, although it can be fitted with a front basket and rear child seat if desired. The ability for it to be paired with a Carry Freedom Trailer could be a boon for shops wanting to deliver goods locally but lacking the space to store a box bike. In theory the bike fits on the trailer for a small storage footprint.
Shimano Hydraulic Disc brakes are standard and fitted with schwalbe big apple or Marathon Plus tyres, Shimano Alfine hub gears will be the prefered transmission with our demo bike using the Sturmey archer 5 speed, a strong hub with gear range similar to a Nexus 7 speed. .

We are particularly pleased with the steering geometry which maintains a light steering touch even when fully loaded at the front. It’s a fun bike to ride and may suit fast couriers, or customers with compact storage requirements.

Let us know what you think and there’s a special low price for the person that suggests the best name for it 🙂

Prototype Urban Errand Bike


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Urban Shift

Today we dropped into the local university to see Charlie Camsell’s presentation of his Cargo Bike concept.

As Charlie describes……………
“This is Urban Shift: an electrically assisted cargo bicycle tailored to rival the family car on short term trips such as school, work and shopping.
Capable of holding up to 3 child passengers (seat in the front bay, and space for child seats on the rear and behind the handlebars), the bike has been made to be as accessible as possible for the mainstream market, regardless of physical ability. Other features such as the completely unique cargo bay and rarely seen steering technique really help to make the project feel like my own. A fantastic way to end this chapter of my life on.”

We enjoy working with student with their fresh perspective on a problem and knowledge of the latest technology We think this concept has a number of merits and we wish Charlie well for his future career.
A great evening out…….. and did we mention there was an open bar?

Urban Shift by Charlie Camsell


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Fresh from The Oven

This week we serviced two of our E-box bikes which run regular trips between Bradford-on-Avon and Bath. These stalwart workhorses pull a cargo of delicious bread rolls and artisan loaves from “The Oven“‘s kitchens into Bath market where they are sold.
The bikes are working hard, but working well. These two builds are fitted with the Shimano STEPs 6000 system with integrated 8 speed Di2 electronic shift. The lightweight weatherproof cargo box is ideal to keep the bread in top condition, The ergonomics of the riding position are adaptable ensuring that its a good fit for both male and female riders. The flexible lids on the boxes mean that if you need to over fill the box you can, you can sell at the market using the box top as a table and still gain access from a corner and it’s lightweight. Lids are available but this flexi top is a great way to keep it simple.

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Our New Website

Well it’s here..we are still updating it and refining its content and functionality.

We are well aware than the products are not well represented here yet..kind of a basic failing you might say….well rest assured that new pics showing the new range are on their way, each picture showing another wonderful feature of our RodfordBuilt cargobikes.

Prices and images to follow..


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Up on the Downs

Traffic free cycling is a great thing.
So today we  applaud cyclesunday for organising a great family fun cycle ride in our local town of Bristol.
The Bristol downs is a fantastic wide open recreation space and without the cars a perfect circuit for gentle cycling, scooting and walking. Throw in some hot dogs, some music and some sun and you have a pleasant afternoon in the park.

For us it was a chance to showcase our Rodford family bikes and catch up with our friends on the Bristol cycling scene; Good to see Jakes bikes there with his Bristol bikes and Dr. Bike helping with maintenance. Interesting mobility and tandem bikes on show too.

Thanks to everyone that spoke to us about our bikes and tried them out and provided feedback.

Rodford short box bike on a test ride

Good bikes, good weather, good times (and good ice creams).

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Hot from the oven

We are cock-a-hoop to be sending out another delivery bike this week. This is one of our finest builds, a long chassis Sherpa box bike, with E-assist, integrated lighting and a lightweight commercial box. This bike will be delivering bread for the artisan bakery “The Oven” based in Bath in the U.K.
This is the first bike to be finished in our new Rodford colour of “Grey black” and we like it. It is classy yet durable, understated but fashionable.

The Oven Delivery Bike by Rodford

The cargo box is a leading design weighing in at just 6kgs but with a capacity of 250,000 cubic centimetres. We have fitted a soft canvas top so it can be loaded beyond the top edge and the box is water tight to keep the bread rolls crispy in all weathers. For power the 250W Shimano STEPs system provides 50nm of torque to help the bike climb those Bath hills and Shimano Deore hydraulic discs control the bike when going back down.
Call us to discuss your delivery bike requirements.

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Bath Uni Student Miles, Boxes clever.

As well as locally souring materials and labour for our bikes, we have recently been working with a local University on some box designs for our 600 series box bike. The brief was to look at the aspect of carrying children safely and to maximise storage with passengers on board. Also to consider materials, weight, manufacturing costs and production techniques to design a box that is both functional and affordable.

Pictured below is a box developed by Master’s student Miles Ingram. Miles produced an Aluminium frame with wooden panels and devised some specific innovations to reduce rattles and increase comfort. He also included lockable storage and a rain cover, requirements which were highlighted by his market research to be desirable.

It’s always good to have a fresh pair of eyes look at a ‘challenge’, Miles has come up with some fresh ideas and certainly confirmed to us that a good versatile cargo box is a desirable thing but difficult to achieve. Miles design is innovative and will help develop our box designs for the future. for sure.    

We look forward to more collaborations with academic institutions in the future. In the meantime good luck to Miles with his future career.