Our New Website

Well it’s here..we are still updating it and refining its content and functionality. We are well aware than the products are not well represented here yet..kind of a basic failing you might say….well rest assured that new pics showing the new range are on their way, each picture showing another wonderful feature of our RodfordBuilt […]

Bespoked 2017

Once again this year we were proud to be part of Bespoked the handbuilt bicycle show, a showcase of world-class, hand-made bikes from all over the world……and little local ‘Rodford Built’ with our own sturdy handbuilt style. Highlights from the show included Feather cycles, always quality, August bicycles with their handsome city bike and Sven bikes […]

Food Distribution..by Bicycle.

Great to be able to finally talk about our latest collaboration. We have been working with Fareshare (food redistribution) and Boston Tea Party (Cafe chain). Fareshares wonderful initiative to fight hunger and reduce food waste now has a Rodfordbuilt cargobike to help with their Bristol Logistics. Thanks to Boston tea Party for facilitating the purchase. […]

A happy new year starts with 2 layers for protection and longevity.

We have some frames at our powder coaters, its a chance to test the system and work through issues with production. Its a good start to the new year,  we want our bicycles to last, to be handed down the generations…we want them to look good for a long time…which is why we wanted the […]

Introducing Little John (one of our band of merry men)

This is our latest acquisition. The Raglan “Little John” metal working Lathe.This model is the MKII and features a screw cutting gearbox and power cross feed. Built some time in the 1940’s the Little John’s were notable for being at the top end of the hobby sized machines in terms of capacity and ability. The […]

Baker Bike Update

A year on and over 8000 miles of city riding; our Baker bike is in for a service and an overhaul. Aside from the expected wear and tear our only concern was a fork fault, looking like a fatigue event and a combination of miles, cobbles and tons of bread. So we took the opportunity […]