Food Delivery Bikes

With our T1 long john cargobike with it’s pedal assist options and different cargo deck lengths it makes for a great delivery bike for hot and cold food.

use the T1 Dart with its shorter 400mm deck for pizzas and hot food, with great promotional qualities and lightweight nippy nature its ideal for inner city logistics.

The T1 Javelin with its 700mm deck is ideal for bread and food deliveries. our lightweight box with flexible cover is adaptable and tough. Ideal to carry lots of cargo with great access into the box and keeping the goods dry. lockable and lidded boxes are also available.

Our T3 Mule is a small errand bike with large cargo areas front and back. The length of a raleigh 20 and with 20inch wheels its easy to store and ideal for front and rear crates or boxes. With the mid mounted electric motor option it’s ideal for pulling our trailer options with a custom box.

We also working on other applications including first responder, with seating options, low slung bottle storage and great presence at events. with input from experienced st john ambulance personnel and NHS professionals this application could transform first responder bicycle usage at events making more possible without recourse to a motor vehicle.