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More on Geometry and Handling

Our box bike frame and has 50mm of trail to give the best handling under all conditions.
However 50mm trail can be achieved in a number of ways.
The sketches below show various front end geometries. They all have 50mm of trail but all look very different and would handle very differently.


The parameter that makes these forks handle differently is …keep reading

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Fork Angles, Rake ‘n’ Trail

Forks, trail and rake are hot topics in the world of cycle construction.
Each parameter is affected by the other, and by mixing them up you can produce either a fine handling machine or something with a mind of its own.

As far as road and touring bikes are concerned all of this ‘art’ is well defined and makers have their preferences and know what works; but here in the cargo arena things are a little less conventional.
With our box bike design, it was therefore necessary to go back to the theory, run some experiments and gather feedback on what worked best.
Also unique to the cargo bike is that fact that significant load is carried by the front wheel. Unlike solo machines there is no risk of clash between the front wheel and the rider’s feet and shock to the handlebars is also less of a problem.

Other considerations were the brake type to be …keep reading