Which Bike?

Here at Rodford we like to think we have a bike for everyone’s needs. Our range has been designed to cover the largest commercial delivery requirements down to the occasional errand. Read on for more information about the bikes we make and a useful understanding of their features and how they compare. If you have a specific need in mind then please get in touch to discuss a custom build.

Box Bike
The box bikes are the largest bikes our the range and the most capable in terms of their carrying capacity and their versatility. We have customers that use these bikes for the school run or transporting a pet, we also have commercial food delivery customers and professional tradesmen.
The box bike has the bulk of the load in front of the rider although a back rack can add additional capacity. Having the cargo in the front of the rider makes the whole bike easy to balance and seeing your cargo is reassuring particularly with children or pets.

Our box bikes are available with several gear, brake and cargo area options.

For the ultimate cargo mover consider our E-bike option. We employ the Shimano STEPs system which can be integrated with an electric shifting 8 speed Nexus hub or NuVinci variable drive.

Longtail Bike
Longtail cargo bikes have a more traditional frame style but with an extended rear triangle and consequently a longer load area behind the rider. Our Husky has a long enough rear rack for two child seats or one child seat and a junior cushion; or just four panniers with room to spare. Some people prefer a longtail to a box bike because of their more traditional riding technique and familiar looking geometry. It could be argued that components are less specialised on the longtail bike too, so more conventional for home maintenance. The Rodford Husky has the lowest step over height in its class making mounting the bike simple even with children on board. The bike comes fitted with sturdy centre stand and can be accessorised with a front frame mounted rack and/or front child seat.

City Bike
Many city and hybrid bikes are derivatives of mountain bikes for easy of manufacture. Dutch bikes are more specialised for city riding but tend to be tall with no brakes or gears. Our city bike was designed with a low bottom bracket for an easy step over and lower saddle height. The rear wheel is a little further back for a relaxed response and more room for cargo. The city bikes can have racks, childs seats, baskets and front racks to provide more functionality.

Errand Bike

Errand bikes are traditionally called “butchers” bikes. They have a small front wheel with a large capacity fixed rack at the front. They are small enough to fit into a modest shed or garage and light and easy to ride.


All of our bikes are available with an E-bike option. This is not a add-on, but rather an integrated crank drive motor housed in a dedicated frame. We fit the Shimano STEPs system which can be combined with various gear options including electric shifters.