Rodford is a Bristol based business building Transport bikes, (some say ‘Cargobikes’), at its core are Rob Bushill and Steve Bodiley,  a fusion of minds, fueled by tea, biscuits and a love of old world transport. They come from a background of selling, riding and modifying the best two wheeled cargobikes in the world, sidecar construction and computer hardware design.

They wanted Transport Bikes that offered something fresh, bikes with function at their heart and with a dusting of British swagger, a bicycles fashioned from the same BS 4T45 steel used in Spitfires and Hurricanes, Transport bicycles hand built in Britain.

Since 2011, when Rodford exhibited the first Cargobike at the UK Handmade Bicycle show, Rodford have experimented with designs, honed their craft and discovered other skilled craftspeople in Britain with which to collaborate.

Rodford is built on a respect for the bicycles place in history and a desire for more bicycles to be used as local transport in the future.

Rodford provide alternatives for your local transport, They provide you with Cargobikes built in Rodford.


The Dairy @ Rodford Elm Cottage, Westerleigh Road, Rodford
Bristol BS37 8QF
Great Britain

Because of our modest staff numbers it is advisable to telephone before travelling any great distance.

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